Arranging Your Asian Home Wedding

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Many couples love the idea of having a backyard wedding, but they forget many important detailing. Having a home wedding is all about getting the details right. Here are some of the top mistakes many people make when planning their wedding at home from our friends at Tag Asian Wedding Directories

Flooring – If you are planning to hold your wedding or reception in your backyard, you need to hire flooring in case your backyard is filled with grass. Since most people at women wear heels, it can be a very messy situation. If you do not want to warn your guests about the grass, you might hire flooring or a large dance floor for the guests to stand during the wedding.

Tenting – during your backyard wedding, always have a tent ready in case of showers. While it may seem like a tent defeats the idea of a backyard wedding, it becomes necessary if rains decide to show up. You can find tents in many different shapes, styles, and sizes. You can always find one that best fits your decor theme.

Restrooms – if you have a home with just two to three restrooms, you need to be ready for bathroom blunders. With around 70-100 guests on your list, you need to ensure that you hire portable bathrooms beforehand to avoid uncomfortable guests. You can hire luxury restrooms trailers making it more convenient to use by the guests. Also, have someone in charge of the restrooms to ensure that they are cleaned and restocked constantly.

Power Issues – You need to consider the amps that your lighting would need for the wedding. The caterer might need plugs to set up their appliances, or the DJ might need a whole lot of light show for the dance party. You need to be prepared by renting generators as your home is not built for entertainment.

Avoiding these mistakes can help you plan and host a wedding of your dreams with the nearest and the dearest ones.





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