Decorating A Baby Nursery On A Budget

We recently got our home extended by a local Leamington building company in preparation for our new arrival in Spring and we had a lot of fun turning the new room into a nursery. Like searching for any other bedroom design ideas; a nursery needs inspiration. Many parents opt to find their inspiration in their new child’s bedding, but bedding can be expensive unless you buy from a cheap store like Mattress Time. Consider using plain bedding but decorate your walls with paint or paper.

As for furniture; there are three things you should have in your nursery:

  • A Crib or Cradle
  • Rocking chair or Glider
  • Changing Table or Dresser

Consider purchasing a crib that will convert into a toddler bed, to save money down the line. Some parents opt to purchase second hand cribs, maybe through a garage sale or consignment store. Do your due diligence; Check that all parts are included and check with the manufacturer, to see if there have been any recalls that could affect the safety of your baby

When selecting a rocking chair or glider, select one for comfort. You will spend many hours feeding, reading, and rocking your little one to sleep, so comfort is the key to help you find happiness. Don’t end up being grumpy because your back hurts, due to dangling your feet. When looking for a changing table, consider simply purchasing a dresser and putting a changing cushion on top.

If you plan on purchasing a pack-n-play as well, many of today’s models have a changing station built in. Another great option, that many DIYers get excited about, is creating your own changing station out of a bathroom cabinet base, a wall corner and a piece of plywood. Find plans that suit your needs and research well to ensure safety.

Decorating your nursery on a budget means using items that serve a long-term purpose: For instance, instead of purchasing nappy caddies, consider using pretty boxes that you’ve covered, or even plain wipes containers.

Safety is a concern when coming up with interior design ideas for a nursery. You want to balance design, but that should always come after your child’s safety. You may not be thinking of it when your baby is born, but you will not want to forget about childproofing later. Make sure you research what childproofing is, and the best ways to do it. This will save you a lot of money and time, and perhaps even save your child’s life.



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