Our Growing Edge April Roundup

I was so honored to have hosted April’s edition of Our Growing Edge recipe link up. It’s hosted by Genie at Bunny Eats Design and is a wonderful place to share recipes as well as discover new ones! There is a new link up every month so everyone should head over a check it out!

I loved reading through all of these recipes and can’t wait to share them with you all, so let’s jump right in!

The first submission is from Kerene at The Dream Baker, She added these adorable Easter cupcakes and I just can’t get over how cute they are with the little eggs on top! These lemon chiffon cupcakes are topped with a chocolate cream cheese frosting (which happens to be my favorite!) and look so soft and easy to make. definitely going on my list of things to try soon.

Next up we have some homemade sourdough hot cross buns from Nom Nom Panda. I have never tried a hot cross buns recipe before but this one looks worth the effort. It’s crunchy crust but soft middle makes me want a warm, fresh out of the oven cross bun now. Hmmm if only I had a sourdough starter kit!

Alessi at Ninjunkie Eats made these beautiful custard-filled pancake rolls that just look like heaven. I absolutely can not wait to try this recipe in all its sweetness.

This next photo looks so scrumptious that I want to devour it from my computer screen. The homemade pizza from Jules and The Kiwi Diaries is a recipe that my kids are so looking forward to making. Other than the time it would take to prepare, this recipe looks super simple and delicious. Perfect for the Friday night movie at our house!

I love a good key lime pie and Hannah at Love the Little Bakery has created the perfect recipe. This looks so delicious and I love the replacement of a traditional crust for the ginger version instead. I think the flavors together sound superb! Head over and check out some of her other recipes as well!

Paige at Vittles and Voyages has changed my life. My son is a huge fan of ramen, but I have never taken the time to make such a difficult recipe until this wonderfully easy version stumbled across my screen this past month. She broke out her slow cooker for this homemade chicken ramen recipe and made life SO much easier!

Although I’m not vegan, Joie De Vivre and Cupcakes did a great job at making me want to try it! This vegan spicy pizza looks like it would curb that pizza craving and never miss a beat.

Georgie at Georgieats has introduced me to a product I never knew existed until now. Her chili con quorn is a play on chili con carne and made with a meatless, soy free product called quorn. It’s not something I can get locally, but it does look like a great alternative and low in fat!

I have never heard of Jamaican beef patties before, but this baked deliciousness is right up my alley. Thanks Kara La La La for introducing this to my life. I love trying new things and this recipe is perfect for my upcoming weekend and better still….freezable!

One of the greatest things about this link up is finding foods from other countries and cultures and being able to try them in your own kitchen. Prime example is the rasgulla recipe from Rachna at Rachna’s Kitchen. Her description “a delectable melt in mouth cheese ball dipped in sugar-water”. It’s interesting to how you can travel the world from your kitchen.

Over at Wandercooks they take us on their journey in Japan as they learn to make udon noodles with a master. While this blog post does give you the recipe, I find their experience and journey the best part of this. Learning the techniques first hand and then replaying them for us to read was fantastic.

Caroline at Shrinking Single is a woman after my own heart with this next submission. I love sweets and love doughnuts, so the baked apple cider doughnuts are a perfect sweet treat for me. I’m sure I would devour these baked treats as soon as I pulled them from the oven!

Again, we have another sweet treat, and my oh my how scrumptious it looks. This one is again from Kerene at The Dream Baker who gave us the wonderful Easter cupcakes. Now we have the Triple Chocolate Swiss Roll. I mean just the name sounds good. I am fairly certain that I would gain 10 pounds if I made this because I think I would eat the entire thing

Elizabeth at Aquaberry Bliss gave us a greek rice submission. The recipe sounds super simple and fresh. Perfect use for the fresh herbs coming up this season in the garden.

We have another pizza submission, this one from Whitbit’s Indian Kitchen. This chicken tikka pizza definitely looks like a movie night staple and one that the kids can really get their hands in and help with. I love the picture in all of it’s cheesy goodness.

Genie at Bunny Eats Design submitted a fantastic review and rundown of a tasting menu and matching wine at One Tree Grill. The courses look so amazing and elegant, they draw you in and make you want to experience them rather than just eat them. It sounded like a wonderful time and a great place to try.

I want to begin this one by saying thanks to Generation Fishcake for making cooking fun. This well written post is one girl attempting dumplings. These dumplings sound delicious and give me the courage to try them myself!

Next we have an Eggy Lemon Curd Meringue Surprise by Bonnie at Something I Like. These are so stinking cute that I can’t stand it. I love how the lemon curd looks like yolk. They would be so cute for a party or get together.

Oh my my my….. Meghan has really given us a good one. Hop over to Cake-n-Knife to check out this habanero margarita recipe that she recreated from a Disney trip. I had honestly never heard of this, but I can totally see how the flavors fuse together to create magic!

Lucyeats has given a recipe for one of my true loves… pulled pork. Add to that she made it fast! Normally I am smoking one of this bad boys for 10 hours or so, but she has made this a quick process and the meat still looks tender and juicy just like it had been smoked all day!

Thanks to all who participated in April’s link up. It was a great month at Our Growing Edge and I encourage everyone to check out what it’s all about!


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