Reducing dust around the home by carpet cleaning

You come home from work, your friend’s place or you have been busy around the home, and you just want to sit down in front of the TV and there it is. The TV isn’t on yet, you have the remote in your hand, and you look up to see a film of dust across the screen. Then you start seeing it on other surfaces. Most of the time, dust is hard to see from a distance but if light hits it at the right angle, and dust is all you can see.

Dust is an ever present ‘thing’ and it always will be but there are things that you can do to mitigate its effects and keep its levels down. So if you are Carpet cleaning services in Caerphilly or anywhere else in Wales or UK the following will be of great interest.

Use doormats, good ones

A key component of lowering the levels of dust in the home is keeping debris out in the first place. There are a wide selection of mats or available but you should make sure it is good quality mat, not a back page of the local paper.

The outdoor mat

Consider a mat with a large surface area so dirt and debris can be walked off as well as scraped. A decent patio rug should be very rough to the touch, highly durable and is able to stand up to the worst that the weather can throw at it. Cleaning the mat should be a part of your regular household carpet cleaning companies in cardiff, to make sure it is always performing at peak performance.

The indoor mat

You should also consider mats on the other side of the door too, especially at backdoors where the outside area is usually more muddy. This adds a second layer of protection for your home. As with the outdoor mat, these should be cleaned regularly as they help to trap dust and by cleaning the mat, you get rid of the dust before it builds up and enters the home.

Replace air filters around the home

The purpose of these filters is trap dust, dirt and debris – keeping the air you breathe around your home as clean and dirt free as possible. Air filters are usually found in easy to reach locations, this is to make it easy to clean and replace them. Keeping these things clean makes sure they are doing their jobs optimally.

Use an air purifier

If dust is an issue due to allergies or conditions such as asthma, then you may want to start thinking about using an air purifier in your home that see the most traffic in order to reduce the amount of dust in that area. Air purifiers trap airborne particulates before they can settle on and build up on surfaces. The regular use of an air purifier can reduce the amount of dust by a significant amount.

Using just these few tips can help keep dust out, and any that does get in is reduced by a large margin giving you a much more comfortable, cleaner space to live in


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