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Thinking of starting a home business? Working from home? got your server, website and email address all set up? Many clients you deal with through your home business will be very selective about who they do business with. More and more people and businesses are conscious about the kind of company they keep. They may be looking to boost their public image or simply protect their reputation. Or they may have issues with doing business with people who pollute the environment or do not practice green methods of business operations.

You want to make your services available to as many customers as possible, and however you feel about environmental protection, you will need to show that you are an environmentally friendly company, if you are going to attract many customers in today’s world. People really care about where their products come from and the kind of impact they have on the environment.

This is why green certification is so important. There are a number of different ISO certifications such as ISO 9000 or ISO 9001:2008 certification which any small business can attain, but one of the most important may be ISO 14001. This is known as the Environmental certification and it is recognized worldwide. Companies and customers notice if you have this kind of certification, and you can definitely impress them and show your dedication to protecting the environment by having this stamp of approval from a globally recognized authority.

ISO 14001 consultants can help enable your company to better manage its environmental impact and reduce carbon emissions and waste. This can actually save your company money and make its operations more efficient, and it’s just an added benefit that it also improves your reputation and prestige among your clients. This certificate makes your business more attractive to potential customers and helps put you on a more level playing field with many bigger businesses as well as your direct competition.

Environmental awareness will continue to be big issue moving forward for consumers and businesses alike, so the sooner you get onboard and attain this certification, the more beneficial it will be to you.



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